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For years, the principals, executive producers and producers within The Producers Group have provided expert services worldwide to high level Design and Production firms. We've also collaborated with Owners, Developers, major attraction operators, and major museums – at every level, on small projects and giant attractions. Now, we bring this experience, command and perspective to every client.

The recipe for a stellar attraction or exhibit involves two primary ingredients:

  1. A "Producer" (Production Manager)
  2. A Provider who will build it.

That is The Producers Group!

TPG performs these Services expertly. No matter where you are in the production process – no matter which phase of the project you are in – TPG adds tremendous value. Please continue reading for a brief explanation of our line of services.

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1. Production Management

Production Management is the oversight and active leadership of the design and production phases of a project. We refer to it as "The Producer" role.

TPG believes that Creative and story-driven attractions and exhibits are designed in an iterative manner

Whereby the creative design takes a turn (They try to answer the questions: What is it? What does it do to us? What does it look like?);

Then the technology design follows (How do I make it look that way or sound that way to the guest? How much power does it use?);

With the facility architectural design closely behind (How do we house it?);

Then the cost estimate (well, how much is that going to cost?);

Then it moves to the next phase of design.

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You can see where the problem occurs. There are several points along the design and production phases where cost analysis must be performed, and cost savings or expenditures must be balanced with technology, facility and creative choices. We know this from our experience. TPG leads the process at every stage: analyzing the costs, and guiding the tough decisions – before it gets out of hand. If not treated with the positive approach and respect, it can cost the Owner extra money or shut down the project. We anticipate problems and stop them and deal with them effectively - It is one of our key functions in the industry.

In this way, TPG like the glue holding all the pieces together – architectural design, creative design, technical design, and the interactions between them, all the while keeping everything on schedule, the creative path, and on budget.

Within Production Management, these are the specific services TPG provides to lead the design and development process.

Show Development Management

The Management of creative development of the attraction or exhibit.

Show Production Management<

The Management of the business and technical aspects of the attraction or exhibit. Business portion equals scope, schedule and budget, as it relates to the various parties and teams involved.

Technical Design and Documentation

The Technical design and documentation is produced during the design phases, in the same way as the architect draws the documents for the facility. The technical systems are comprised of the audio, video, projection, show control, show lighting, special effects, animated figures, animated props, mechanical equipment, show action equipment and scenic elements. And, just like picking an architect, if you pick one that is neither experienced nor motivated, you will end up with drawings and documents that do not describe the needs of the project.

The staff of TPG have been producing technical documents for over 100 years of combined experience. We are experts at navigating through the technical design phases and delivering the technical documents packages.

Mock Up Development and Delivery

Mock ups are used to prove portions of a creative or technical design that may have not been proven before. TPG perceives mock ups differently from Research & Development. We feel that we are not inventing, we are combining available technologies in a new way that meets the creative goals. This type of innovation is a natural part of the TPG approach.

Mock ups are meant to inspire the process, not waste time and money. In order to be efficient, mock ups must be very carefully managed, cost estimated and successfully produced. In addition, the results of the mock ups must be recorded, analyzed and disseminated to the rest of the production team, in order for them to be fully productive. TPG has the knowledge and experienced staff to brainstorm, maximize, plan and execute mock ups of all sizes and types

Production Scheduling

The Scheduling in the design and production phases involves a detailed analysis of every creative, technical and architectural design task. We then interlink all the tasks together with TPG-specific predecessors, interfaces and key milestones. In our proprietary way, we building the schedule forwards and backwards, ensuring the end date is met while accurately identifying all the tasks needed to complete the project successfully. It leads to the most precise and manageable project schedule, which can identify cost savings through reduced risk by the all parties involved. This efficiency is established by all team members  understanding what tasks they are responsible for executing and by what date.

Production Cost Estimating

The Cost Estimate is the art of using TPG experience, technical know-how, and business acumen to access the realistic cost of a completely "imagined" element.,  Cost estimating for specialty hardware and media software is very difficult to do, but very valuable. TPG are experts at Cost Estimating based on a creative intent. We use a proprietary system of multiple independent opinions, vetted simultaneously generated by TPG. It is revised after each design phase, and compared to the budget.

Production Budgeting

Must be carefully crafted to include all the issues related to the particular element or media piece. As a standard, it utilizes the Cost Estimate as a starting point.

2. Turn-Key Production

When it comes to fabricating the attraction or exhibit, turn-key production is the way Owners and Developers minimize risk and consolidate the number of contracts the Owner has to hold and manage. The Producers Group LLC is unsurpassed at turn-key production. When you combine our knowledge of the process, our Owner-mentality, and schedule-driven sense, there is no company better equipped. TPG is uniquely structured to carry the contract for all the one-of-a-kind, high-risk, high technology equipment and software needed to make any exhibit or attraction come alive!

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Specialty Equipment Design-Engineer-Build

Complex, one-of-a-kind equipment for attractions and exhibits include audio, video, show lighting, show control systems, special effects, mechanical stage equipment, show action equipment, scenic elements and props, water systems and other specialized systems. This type of equipment, procured in tight-schedule environments associated with attraction and exhibit developments, needs to be quickly finalized in design details and engineered, so that final facility impacts can be obtained, and the shop drawings can be expedited to the factory floor. TPG will utilize its unique management processes to ensure the problems are solved and the product is delivered on time, anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind these various and disparate elements will need to interrogate well together when they are installed and programmed. This is no minor task!  TPG is the glue that holds the pieces of the puzzle together, so that the final attraction functions like a well-oiled machine.

At the end of the day, savvy Owners and Developers want to transfer risk, and attractions can be a precarious endeavor. When wide knowledge base is required, R&D with an end date, looming Grand Opening date... TPG holds the contracts for specialty equipment because that is what we do best – manage the risk and overcome challenges. So you can focus on your primary business.

Unique Media Creation and Production

Media: Film. Sound. Motion. Such simple terms that means so much. Producing media is a skill and not to be taken for granted if you want to produce an attraction of quality. Question is:  who should do it?  TPG is the perfect resource for producing the media for the attraction or exhibit. We will treat it with the same diligence, care and delivery it deserves to convey your story or emotional impact.

Show Creation Programming

Once all the pieces and parts are installed in the finished facility, now the entire ensemble needs to play together like an orchestra - fluid, seamless, totally in character. Delivering what the guest experience needs to be. TPG is highly respected within the industry for our talents and success rate in show programming. We are driven to completion by the important business balance of creative intent, market need, technical parameters, project budget and schedule.