Who We Are

International Attraction Development and Production Specialists

Specializing in destination attractions for integrated resorts, casinos and theme parks worldwide with significant recent experience in Asia. The Producers Group, LLC works with developers to manage the creation of high-technology guest experiences from start to finish - or at any stage along the process - bringing them in on schedule and on budget. Company principals Bob Chambers and Edward Marks are specialists in balancing creative vision, technical design and budget realities throughout the project development process. They provide Project Management, Show Production and Design / Build Services. They are the experts in the business of this business, with an emphasis on budgets, schedules, legalities, high risk projects and production. They keep projects moving forward towards opening day. The Producers Group, LLC are headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Macau and Paris.

Our Producers:

Edward S. Marks
Executive Producer

Bob Chambers
Executive Producer

Don Burgess

Dave Burkhart
Producer / Advisor

Our Advisory Council:

Don Iwerks

Bob Gurr

Wendy Heimann-Nunes

Thomas McCann

David Snyder

Our Team:

Judd Nissen
Sr. Technical Director -
Sr. Project Manager

Carlos Miranda
Project Manager

Ross Edwards
Technical Director

Chris Homsley
Project Manager - Logistics

Andrew Rubio
Project Coordination -
Marketing Manager

Helen Carpenter
Accounting Manager

Rob Palmer
Technical Director

Sadie Dean
Production Coordinator

Doug Storm
Project Manager -
Technical Director

Madison Rademacher
Technical Coordinator

Regional Directors:

Fumiyasu Yamakawa
Regional Director - Japan

Peter Kim
Regional Director - Korea

Jean-Michel Louis
Regional Director - Europe